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What is Online standers keyboard

Internet and computer localization is a new concept for third world Asian country like Sri Lanka. But after introducing Sinhala Unicode character set (Sri Lanka Standard 1134: 2004), Sri Lankan developers have developed lots of standard desktop and web products which help to work in local language. But still there was a lack of Sinhala standard online key board which helps to type in Sinhalese in web.

Standard : Product which we’re introducing is mainly focus in that issue using Sinhala Unicode standards and Wijesekara standard key board layout. We have used Wijesekara key board layout because it’s the standard key board which using in Sri Lanka. When developing this product we have followed “Sinhala Tamil kit” which developed by ICTA. Though we have followed the rules of Sinhala Tamil kit to develop our product, we have enhanced our product by minimizing some error points it had.

End user : In this product we have specially consider about the comfy ness of the end users. So we have simplified the typing of complex Sinhalese letters so even a new user can use it very easily. Though it designed in simple manner, it can use to type almost all the letters and combinations such as conjunct letters, Rakaaraansaya, Yansaya, Repaya which using in Sinhala.

Implemantation : We have customized this product by making it simple to use whoever wants to use this service in their web pages. Also it is compatible in any platform or any browser because it developed by totally using JavaScript, which is a universally used scripting language. Key board can be customized according to look & feel of the users’ web page. And with all these functions it is exposed as an open source web service so any one can use it without any expens

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