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How to use Transliteration in my site

Step 1 :Before use to web service in your wb page creates web service reference.

Uses the javax.xml.ws.WebServiceRef annotation to declare a reference to a web service. WebServiceRef uses the wsdlLocation element to specify the URI of the deployed service's WSDL file.

  • @WebServiceRef(wsdlLocation="http://localhost:8084/WebServ/NewWeb?wsdl") static NewWebService service;

Step 2 : For connect the service want to create web port with service .

Retrieves a proxy to the service, also known as a port, by invoking getNewWebPort() on the service.

  • com.test.NewWeb port = service.getNewWebPort();

The port implements the SEI defined by the service.

Step 3 :Then access web transliteration method called transliteration and there argument is Tamil unicodes .

Invokes the port's transliteration method, passing to the service a name.

  • java.lang.String result = port.transliteration(tamilWord);

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